Style Meme

  • 2016
  • Tools
    Adobe Photoshop. Intuos.
  • Time
    4 h approx.

Girl with glasses

I’d seen this meme around the web in which you have to draw the same thing in different styles.  I’ve drawn a portrait of a random girl specifically for the meme. I think It’s funny and good for practicing, it makes you push yourself beyond your comfort zone. The styles I tried to mimic are:

  •  Loish. I first saw the meme in her instagram, so I thought would be cool to include her in the meme. Moreover, her style is very distinctive and I like it.
  • Wataru Yoshizumi. The creator of Marmalade Boy. I was so obsessed I think all my school notebooks had sketches of Yuu and Miki, so definitely  I had to include her in the meme.
  • Klasky – Csupo.  The creators of Rugrats, The wild thorberrys , As told by Ginger , Rocket Power…
  • Powerpuff Girls

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